Friday, April 14, 2006

Fatty and Tubby

Our lives are about to change, completely. Tomorrow, at 2pm PST, at the end of a windy, dirt-covered, AWD-road, we pick up Otto. Or Tubby. Soon-to-be-brother of Oskar. Or Fatty.

Thinking ahead, we contacted the breeder for directions. Quite possibly, in the world of right-hand-turns and stop lights, this one takes the glittery cake:

"....please dont go by the google ones as you will end up about 50 miles off. same with mapquest... it really is easy from the ___ north to san luis obispo, take the highway ___ north to ___ exit. go through the town of ___, aprox 12 miles from san luis , before you come to ___ there will be a stop light on the freeway called ___ road/ it only turns right head west ___ miles up a hill there will be a lake on the left, then down the hill you will come to a right turn, ___ rd turns only to the right it is a very windy, narrow diert road, go 3 miles to a fork in the road stay left on ___ the other way is a dead end. one mile you will pass a white barn with a green roof and 3 horses in the field right past this are 7 mailboxes. this is our driveway, it only goes to the left, over the creek and straight up,, you will see avocados on the left keep going and stay t! o the right at another fork our home is at the very top... it is a 4 wheel drive only in the rain so let me know if the weather is bad and ill meet you at the mailboxes and drive you up.. dogs are out so drive slow... please.. katrina the adress is ___ rd.. cell phones do not work once you leave highway ___ at the stop light"

I'm predicting many future posts a la chocolate-lab-newfoundland escapades. Assuming, of course, that we don't miss the avocado trees.

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