Thursday, March 08, 2007


What makes me the happiest is knowing that you finally are where you always wanted to be: with Morfar.

That, and knowing that you lived your life to its fullest, for as long as you possibly could.

Thank you, always, for:
  • making me feel like a Slalom champion in Are
  • Swedish summer golf rounds
  • baked chicken with cheese
  • chocolate cookies
  • your fantastically, whimsical and ever-so-confident approach to clothes
  • warm water with honey
  • cheese and crackers before dinner
  • in your own way, always pushing for family
  • stressing the importance of comfortable shoes
  • morning gymnastics, long before yoga was cool
  • buying organic before anyone else knew what it meant
  • your elaborate lunches
  • driving me to golf camp and making sure I had a friend before you left
  • always being so, so happy to see us
  • being my very own, special Mormor

I'm sure we'll play another round someday.