Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Axel, Unplugged

When Axel was 2, we tried to ditch the pacifier. We ceremoniously collected all his "mimis" in a blue IKEA bowl, waved bye-bye and semi-successfully diverted all his pleas for the rest of the afternoon by offering boatloads of gummies, lollipops and other treats typically reserved for Saturdays. By bed time, we knew it was too early to "high five" on another milestone, but we were definitely optimistic.

At about 2am, we quickly realized that unless we were prepared for endless days followed by sleepless nights, reconsidering returning the beloved Mam would make our lives not only pleasant and lovely, but populated yet again by a happy little guy.

So we acquiesced.

Many moons and a birthday later, we tried again. This time, we recruited the help of Aunt Filippa who immediately FedExed a copy of a perfectly illustrated book, where the main character spends agonizing moments deliberating over which toy to relinquish for her paci. And while Axel never fully understood why anyone would opt for a yellow stuffed duck over a suckable mimi, he seemed to really relate.

On the designated day, we once again collected all the pacifiers (this time in a yellow bowl, just for kicks) and explained to the little guy that, as a reward, he could head to his local Wal-Mart and pick out anything in the whole store!

It still kills me that he returned with a yo-yo. 

But anyway ... not only have we not heard peep about his beloved mimi since this momentous day three weeks ago, we've also been introduced to a brand-new Axel. To call him "chatty Cathy" is an understatement. From the moment his eyes pop open to the very last second before delirious dreams, he talks. He explains. He ponders. He wonders. And mostly he wants to know why he can't have a hot air balloon.

And as if leaving the mouth free to babble was somehow related to his legs, he's suddenly become super fast. Daring. More adventurous. And -- shocking to everyone -- almost as wild and crazy as his big brother.

Love this newly discovered little dude. Shenanigans included.