Monday, January 29, 2007

Air Claim

Turbulence aside, I'm not much of a flyer. In my fantasy dream-world, every location on the planet is accessible by car. Or train. Bus would even be fine.

Anything but that giant bird in the sky.

No matter when I travel, I always get stuck on the "flight-attendants-please-take-your-seats-due-to-choppy-air" route. And despite being ipod-equipped and in possession of a dramatic page-turner, I'm anything but relaxed.

Though all of a sudden it seems that those in charge of puddle-jumping might be on to a new concept: air ownership.

Seriously. At least 20 minutes prior to landing, someone proclaims throughout the plane: "Thank you for flying with us. And welcome to [insert city name]." Evidently, city residency now includes the thousands of feet of vast blue sky, hovering above.

Which is great news to me. I assume that means we'll have floating townships in mere decades. Followed by a fancy, new high-tech way of commuting, sans airplane wings.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Old School

Two things:
  1. I used the phone book the other day. Despite my super-fast Mac and having "the world at my finger-tips," flipping through the Yellow Pages still won the race. And while I did for a split-second marvel at the very out-dated-ness of that behemoth directory -- it worked. Like a charm.
  2. Yesterday, I spoke with the nicest man in America. Theoretically he was a customer service rep for a card company, but he was just way too friendly, polite, and helpful to be anything run-of-the-mill. He even called back a few moments later, to revise the previously agreed upon $-total, and chit-chat about the beauty of the Sierras.

Learnings: Letting your fingers do the work is not such a bad slogan after all. Playing nice pays off -- which is probably why sharing toys in the sandbox continues to be our kindergarten mantra.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The List

  1. Yoga, three days per week.
  2. Make tarragon-and-grainy-mustard crusted rack of lamb.
  3. Purchase more wine from ACME.
  4. Design
  5. Update Out of the Frying Pan.
  6. Buy as many books as possible by Anna Gavalda.
  7. Send a 'reader's tip' to Cooking Light, have it published and win a Capresso coffee maker!
  8. Try not to purchase any more PJs.
  9. Buy more PJs.
  10. Train the dogs to not jump on exciting, new guests.