Tuesday, November 22, 2005


My favorite first-grader spent the morning sharing her whispered thanks with all the other pink-and-blue-and-glitter-wearing kids in her class. Funny how learning what gets filed and treasured in the brilliantly adorable head of a 6-year-old reminds us of what really *is*.

Thankful snippets:

"My dad driving me to soccer practice."
"My mom helping me with my homework."

So. Tomorrow. When you're stuck with 4.8 million California drivers on the 10, ponder that. And immediately start your own list.

Mine goes a little something like this:


Friday, November 18, 2005

God Is a DJ

Just read that quote, emblazoned on a black T-shirt.

Not sure my goddess spins records, but she most certainly bakes apple cobbler and considers a life without cheese and butter u-d-d-erly pointless.

Religion isn't the point. Actually, I rarely think it is. What's much more interesting is how and why and when you believe.

Maybe it's heaven-inspired or related to the silly-looking guy in the red suit with horns.

The crux -- or crucible -- is that it's completely and delightfully personal.

For me, tonight's Paradise will definitely include a very specific bottle of Whitehall Lane cabernet. Find yours. Immediately. It's Friday.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Inspiration lives.

Granted, it's generally easier to spot it on pink-painted days peppered with delicious delights. But if you remember that clouds only temporarily shroud anything blue, you'll immediately find that it's possible to exude magic just by breathing.

Not convinced?

Consider the following bite-sized tid-bits:
  • The power of breakfast.
  • Portable music.
  • The very concept of the barbecue.
  • Slobbering, exuberant dogs.
  • Warm towels.

Life is good. And just think: it's only Monday.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Remember ....

That little things pretty much run the world.

If you add frozen corn, stewed tomatoes with green chilies, and finely diced green bell pepper to long-grain white rice -- you've created an excellent accompaniment for home-made chicken enchiladas.

Bigger, fancier and more elaborate doesn't always translate to better.

Who you are means staying true to that, no matter what.

Dote on those you love. But don't forget that you deserve constant love and admiration. Why? Because you glitter in the dark.

Always sample at least one special.

If you dislike onions, go ahead and skip the shallots.

Wear pink.

Be funny. And laugh at other people's jokes. You can always find at least a sliver of hilarity.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Think About It

I was slightly nervous. Even debated bringing a number two pencil -- you know, like for the GREs. They never have enough and it always seemed like the super-collegiate and responsible thing to do.

In the end, I opted for pigtails and my "You Can't Get This In The States" t-shirt -- which in hindsight seems worthy of some kind of John Stewart comment.

I voted. I cast my ballot. Punched the little holes with the intriguing machine. Lined up the ballot with the plastic propostion card. Debated for split seconds, even though I'd already memorized what my responses would be.

So here's the thing.

It worked. Nobody tried to kill me or steal my vote or picket my cute little booth, plastering the area with propaganda. Nobody was unfriendly. In fact, the whole experience was refreshingly reminiscent of tea-with-grandma. Minus the cookies and squares of milk chocolate.

So next time you're in the whining mood, remember that we have choices. And power. And reside in a country where opinions count. At least most of the time.

Monday, November 07, 2005

A for Effort

We had high hopes.

Moments after diced carrots, celery, red-and-blue-potatoes and organic beef finished simmering in a hearty Cabernet -- we reclined, eyes peeled, ready to be impressed. Shocked. Awed. Surprised.

Alas, what could have been an intriguingly inspirational moment in TV history -- the West Wing's "live" debate -- turned into an almost disastrous debacle.

They had 60 minutes to cast their spell. To forever change -- or at least slightly alter -- how the little boxy tube impacts our lives. In a world where everyone breathes for the iPod and entertainment-on-the-go is the next big thing, Sunday nights could have been NBC's moment to take back their audience.

Oh well.

At least they stayed close to party cliches. Republicans advocating tax cuts and the Dems lobbying for reform. Maybe that will compel at least one person to vote on Tuesday.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


  1. Eat half the muffin -- save the rest for later.
  2. Splurge on good coffee. It's always worth it.
  3. Keep a stash of dual-use sponges underneath the bathroom sink.
  4. Muesli rolls are great for left-over-chicken-salad sandwiches.
  5. Buy organic.
  6. Take time to go through the Sunday coupons.
  7. Buy nice clothes -- if you change your mind, return them.
  8. Layer. You never know how cold it's going to be.
  9. Make your bed before you leave the house. You'll love it 'round 10pm.
  10. Call those you love. Often.

Moms rule. Especially Swedish ones.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Thanks, I'll Wait

If everything has an opposite, then does that mean that somewhere in the universe exists a happy-go-lucky mini-world that embraces long lines? Where queues of all sorts are hailed as pure sunlight. And grocery stores and banks and post offices translate to whimsically happy crowds, patiently whiling the afternoon away?

Not sure.

But pretty confident that security lines at airports are potentially on many least-exciting-past-times lists.

So at first glance, Big Brother's latest missive -- the "registered traveler" concept -- seems close to brilliant. Zipping through LAX, sprinting by those not in the know, or not deemed trustworthy enough.

At first glance, yes.

But come on. If Osama can ellude the sharpest minds and most genius intelligence groups for this long, chances are he and his cohorts can manipulate the TSA.

So I'm going on record. Bring on the crowds. I don't mind adding 2 hours of wait-time to my travels. Peace of mind is worth it.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Just Add Wine

  • Give it everything you've got, always.
  • Be patient.
  • Listen.
  • Remember why.
  • Share.
  • Open your soul.
  • Search for magic.
  • When you find it -- hold on tight.
  • Communicate.
  • Even if it seems impossible, it's not really.
  • Relish every moment.
  • Believe in what you have.
  • Mostly, remember that sunlight lives in the little things, and moonbeams watch over you when you close your eyes.