Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Evidently, my dogs are sneaking around in the middle of the night, taking hot showers. That's clearly the only feasible explanation for why I have zero hot water on some mornings. Sound dubious? Consider a few other labrador-golden-retriever highlights:
  • They've mastered the art of detecting a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, slurping most of it without a single spill.
  • Every now and then, the paper is mysteriously missing from the driveway. Coincidentally -- or not -- those are the very mornings that Oskar chooses to sleep practically cradling the front door.
  • Ghosts. They sense them. Why else would they make mad rushes for the back of the yard, barking at absolutely nothing?
  • Just when I think I couldn't possibly time my departure any later, they sneak off with the pillows from the couches.

In related fabulous news: they're expert fly catchers and insects-in-the-house-detectors. Brilliantly luxurious. Especially in soon-to-be-cricket season.

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