Saturday, October 15, 2005

Birthday Wishes

  • Plenty of California Cabernet.
  • Perfect snow.
  • Sandy beaches at sunset.
  • Poolside. And then more poolside.
  • Peroni and herb butter.
  • TiVo moments.
  • Fabulous non-fiction.
  • Super-short commutes.
  • Impeccable lakes.
  • Tahoe.
  • Framed prints -- on the walls.
  • Tangerine sorbet with raspberries.
  • More chocolate chip cookies.
  • A new bed.
  • Black Chicken.
  • Free tix on Southwest.
  • Mini-vacations, as many as possible.
  • More Lynchburg. Less LA.

I just blinked three times and wished on the setting sun for you. That means it will all come true. Happy 30. It's a magical decade.

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