Friday, July 22, 2005

Sneak Peeks

I've always admired their flowers. It's the corner house, right next to the school. Blues, pinks, yellows and reds, perfectly aligned, never a blade of grass out of place. But the window screens are torn. And the hallway is littered with bits of paper.

Sunny and her family have lived here for 18 years. Their German Shepherd is always outside, in the back driveway. Within three minutes she'd asked me 50 questions and relayed snippets about most everyone on the block.

Which led us to the young couple across the street. The neighborhood newbies. I rang the doorbell at a quarter to seven in the evening, but the house was already pitch-black. The girl who answered was wearing my glasses. Identical, Chanel frames and all.

I never knew suburbia could be so fascinating. It's like my own little city, only filled with small-town intrigue. And the morning has just begun...

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