Thursday, July 14, 2005

Don't Walk and Chew Gum

Turns out people who feel compelled to chat on their phones while maneuvering in traffic, are more likely to find themselves tangled up in fender-benders.

Makes sense.

Super-trickster to make it through the day without multi-tasking. Conference calls & email. Folding laundry & brushing your teeth (yes, it's possible.) Jogging & dancing to iTunes (also quite do-able.)

So last night, when Oskar was just laying on the back steps of the patio, I was intrigued. Motionless for at least 30 minutes, he gazed out into the yard. His ears would pique ever-so-slightly to listen for cars and my neighbor's chitter-chatter -- but otherwise he didn't move a muscle.

An hour later, there we sat. My lovely lab and I. Taking it all in. Just sitting. Not reading, or whispering. Not over-analyzing or planning. We just were. Immobilized. And incredibly happy about nothing in particular.


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