Thursday, June 16, 2005

Prada's Cousin

Everyone's peeked inside a bathroom cabinet or two. Just to see if Aspirin and cotton balls are shelf-sharing with anything peculiarly odd. Or super-interesting.

But honestly, if you're trying to gain snap-shot insight into the inner workings -- or bizzarro-traits -- of that certain someone, give the ol' nightstand a gander. You'd be surprised at how telling it really is.

I'll start:
  • hello kitty radio alarm clock
  • wishing stones box with emil's old dog tags
  • journal with deliciously smooth ink pen
  • cucumber-melon hand cream
  • old lamp with weird-but-lovely-when-lit lampshade
  • two candles, used matches and a sushi roku match book
  • a teetering pile of books
  • yellow, pocket-sized photo album with favorite sweden pics
  • sandal-scandal footsie lotion

Explains everything, doesn't it?

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