Saturday, June 04, 2005

Free Dirt

Oskar was intently sniffing around a tree and I was staring in disbelief. Not at my adorably crazy choco-lab, but at the sign. As if to instantly prove the incredulous incorrect, a massive pile of earth lay alongside the cardboard proclamation.

When did soil, the kind you trample everyday in your backyard, become such a commodity? I bet if you left the house with a paper bag and beach shovel, you'd return with a bounty within moments. (And yes, as I slowly meandered down the sidewalk, two trucks idly sidled by, intently contemplating the outrageous proposition.)

And then, clarity.

In a world of $3 water and $5 gallons of milk, the very concept of "free" takes on new meaning. It's like instant addiction: if it's free, it must be worth having.

Wondering if I've just stumbled across a means of getting rid of my broken mop and quasi-functioning umbrella ....

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