Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Remember letters? Penmanship? Curly-queues and flower-ey stamps and Airmail-adorned shimmery envelopes?


Instead, this:
  1. Free dream angels heavenly .25 oz eau de parfum spray
  2. American Mortgage Corp payment reduction notice: "Get an additional $35K unrestricted cash at close!"
  3. Pope Mortgage offer: "A .5% payment program is now available!"
  4. Local Money Mailer: "Like getting money in your mailbox!"
  5. Ameriquest Mortgage offer: "Dear Princess Malin, I think we can really help. Give me a call at 800 ...."
  6. Umpteen, endless coupons & flyers. (Best highlight: 99-cent Gatorade at Pavillions)
  7. A "Have you seen me?" flyer for Robert Pillsen-Rahier. (Always study those photos. You never know.)
  8. Macy's catalog
  9. Charter communications ad
  10. Capital One personal loan application: "Lock in this rate and it will never change. We guarantee it!"

At least Andy Manning got actual correspondence.

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