Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Born in Reno, NV

In terms of coolness, claiming that they were born in Lake Tahoe probably would be a bit more fancy, but since we were completely uninterested in testing the medical savvy of the tiny hospital in this town, we opted for a one-hour-drive for both kids. And interestingly, the drives -- totally different for each soon-to-be-baby-boy -- were lovely and crazy, all at the same time.

We're clearly way beyond infancy and have now reached an age where both Axel and Curtis thrive in their settings. They've come to know and love the outdoors, something we hoped to find as we left the smog and filth and unappealing-ness of LA many years ago. If given a choice, they would play outside all day: digging, scooping and sorting dirt; looking for hidden treasures amid giant pinecones and sap from scented trees; riding bikes and plastic zebras up and down the driveway; or tooling around in their little Jeep, learning how to spin and reverse and navigate regardless of how cold the thermostat claims it to be.

Life with boys means tasting and touching and feeling and playing for every moment. Life with boys in Lake Tahoe's majestic paradise is all that and then some.