Friday, August 05, 2005

Suburbia, 8.30am

Neighbor Down the Street: Did you get a new dog?
Princess Malin: Yeah, she's a stray.
NDS: Wow. She looks really young.
PM: She's three.
NDS: Well, I am sure they're having fun.
PM: Yes. Especially since I'm at work all day.
NDS: You work?!?
PM: Um, yeah.
NDS: OH! I THOUGHT YOU WERE A HOUSEWIFE! When do you go to work?
PM: Oh, depends. Try to be in by 9.

It's abundantly clear. I need an immediate, dramatic appearance change. Rockstar? Clearly. Hipster, cool, girl? Definitely. Super-fabulous and insanely interesting? For sure!

But housewife? Ohmygosh not yet.

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