Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Newspapers around the world lauded him as a musical genius. A piano whiz, mute, clad in a tattered suit and decidedly brilliant.

That was in April.

To the dismay of many, it appears none of that is true -- except the wardrobe description. German authorities have claimed the 20-year-old as one of their own: an apparent lost soul in search of something mysteriously ellusive, yet worth enough to jump ship.

The general global media consensus is captured snippet-like in today's LA Times:

"The e-mails, the radio banter, the perplexed news anchors, they all prattled through the day with subdued regret that sometimes magic just doesn't happen."

Sad isn't it?

Why does every-one always forget to remember that magic lives, breathes and sings -- daily? Granted, a Spielberg-like mystery-man would have made a lovely flick.

But seriously. Let's not lose hope. Instead, relish in that which resides before your very eyes.

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