Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Rule 11: Smile At Strangers

Yes. Doing your own thing, adding that little bit of personal-you-charm to your day-to-day clearly is preferred. It's like serving tomatoes and mozzarella au gratin instead of unadorned with basil -- differently addictive.

But honestly. A few things just .... are.
  1. Don't speed driving by a school.
  2. Pour wine for others before you refill your own glass.
  3. Scones should not be the size of footballs.
  4. It's OK to just eat the top part of the blueberry muffin.
  5. Try not to skip breakfast.
  6. Apologize.
  7. Dance.
  8. Buy organic produce.
  9. Be the first to say hello.
  10. When attending a group function, don't skip out on the bill.

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