Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Next Time You're In S.F.

Stay at the York Hotel. The windows actually open and the stairs are appealingly windy and creaky enough just to be mysterious.

Drink as many Bloody Mary's as possible at Balboa. Preferably during brunch.

Sit at a corner-window table at Mario's. Order the open-faced tuna focaccia and don't be afraid to eat copiously.

Take a picture in the throne chair at Vesuvios.

Make sure your cab driver knows where he's going. If not, immediately get out of the car.

Wait the necessary 50 minutes for the roasted chicken at Zuni Cafe. Try not to get Scott as your waiter. He frowns too much.

Try the apricot scone, orange juice and smoked, grilled chicken sausage at Dottie's True Blue Cafe. Don't worry about the line out the door. It's worth it.

Always remember that water is your friend.

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