Monday, October 31, 2005

In Spite Of Ourselves

The woman at the grocery store, with the oodles of Snack Wells, cases of Diet Coke and umpteen Kleenex boxes.

The super-chatty guy on that cross-Atlantic flight, who insists on sneaking your salt packet before every meal.

The little-bitty old couple who amble through town, squinting through the windshield, braking at imaginary objects on the way to Ralph's.

They've all got it: a passion.

A zest for something real, imaginary or dreamed-up. A convinction, dedication, or un-wavering desire revolving around that which they know and love and believe.

Treasure it. Embrace it. And try to remember that when you're stuck on the 405, crawling through a parking garage, or questioning who people are.

They're just like you and me. Only with differently intriguing twists.

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