Wednesday, October 19, 2005


For obvious reasons, I feel compelled to read Nobel Prize winners. Mathematical prejudices aside, I still have faith in what I imagine to be a silver-haired gaggle of Swedes, contemplating stanzas, punctuated paragraphs and unconventional characterizations.

This time, I've found a gem.

It's "Soul Mountain" by Gao Xingjian:

"Reality exists only through experience, and it must be personal experience.... Reality can't be verified and and doesn't need to be, that can be left for the 'reality-of-life' experts to debate. What is important is life.... Reality is myself, reality is only the perception of this instant and it can't be related to another person. All that needs to be said is that outside, a mist is enclosing the green-blue mountain in a haze and your heart is reverberating with the rushing water of a swift-flowing stream."

Definitely ponder-worthy. Especially during those conference calls and meetings, clogging your calendar.

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