Friday, October 21, 2005


I don't get it.

Clearly support stirring things up a bit, nominating a woman out of the non-literal left-field. Adding the curve ball of zero judicial experience definitely contributes intrigue -- and if nothing else, might draw the general public to C-SPAN on November 7.

But really.

Insufficiently answering a questionnaire is distractedly reminiscent of failing a take-home test. How does one do that?

And why-oh-why wouldn't whoever's in charge of this whole quagmire at the White House provide feedback, coach, or at the very least, proof-read Miers' responses before it hit the presses?

"What did he do in the middle of all this gloominess? He just blotted out the sun," said one Senior Aide.

Not really sure how this one is going to end.

But as an aside, who hasn't flattered their boss? This, to me, is the equivalent of CNN announcing that Jennifer and Vince smooched in public. Who cares?

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