Thursday, May 02, 2013

A First: Graduation

Dearest Curtis:

Wow. Just about three years ago, we dressed you in a preppy white, collared shirt and plaid shorts as you entered your first morning as a 'Woolie' with Teacher Maria. You learned how to count to 15, the alphabet song and how to get dressed 'all by myself.' We traded diapers for Super-hero underroos and -- despite your Mamma's initial protests -- cut off those blonde baby curls so you could apply hair gel in the morning, just like Pappa.

A few months later, you left the cozy confines of that tiny room and moved on to daily circle times with Teacher Brooke, shorter naps (yes!) and a more rigorous curriculum. You cherished being the daily 'special helper' -- mostly because this meant organizing the lunch bags, being first in line and getting to peek out the window and meteorolgically declare the weather to the rest of the class.

And now, here we are today. You're 5-and-a-half. You're tall, confident and funny. Athletic and a genius Lego builder. You've spent a full year with Teacher Franca, mastering how to spell your name, draw all kinds of insects -- spiders being a favorite subject -- and in your outdoors-oriented mind, there's never a day when it's too cold to wear a T-shirt. 

Your friends adore you. Your teachers see you as a true leader. And your little brother knows he is incredibly lucky to have you in his corner, always.

Pappa, Axel and I are so proud of you. And we can't wait to see what's next.


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