Monday, April 22, 2013


To the TSA agent scanning our bags at Sky Harbor International Airport: really? Was it necessary to sigh so unappealingly-loudly at the sight of our one measly sippy cup filled to the brim with orange juice? Was it so exhausting to pick up your hand, wave to one of your colleagues and have them perform the ever-important "liquid bomb test on child container" while two pairs of little eyes followed your every move? Might be time to pick up your trusted manual which clearly spells out that we're allowed to bring a beverage for a three-year-old. PS: seriously consider laying off the donuts and free Coke refills at the snack bar.

To the Southwest Airlines flight attendant who stuck a 10-foot-long piece of toilet paper in his pants just to make the kids laugh during taxi, only to top it off with a rubber chicken oxygen mask prop: thank you. Thank for your understanding that little things matter. And that tiny passengers strapped in for what seems like "forever" completely appreciate your attempt at humor.

And finally, to the perfectly-sized pool in the middle of Scottsdale: you rule. It's amazing what six foam noodles, two pair of goggles, and four brightly colored dive-squid can create for the five-and-under crowd. Memories. Laughter. And fearless, chlorine-filled, fun.

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