Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Heart HD

  • new front door
  • new back door
  • hinges
  • locks
  • mushroom-shaped knobs for bathroom cabinets
  • bathroom faucet

That was the initial list. Sixty-five minutes -- and many aisle perusals later -- we self-scanned our items. And realized. We lost the card. The no-interest-for-six-months Home Depot bit of orange-colored plastic.

Enter Jackie.

Tiny in a rotund, spunky kind of way. Pleasantly chatty, with a glimmer of brilliance. "Credit Captain," her crayola-ified apron proclaimed. Little did we know that included magical powers and other-wordly customer service.

After mere moments of phone calls and smartly-punched keyboard shortcuts, we had a new card, a $25 discount and a shot at the freebie table. Really. Laden with goodies galore, Jackie insisted we choose something. Anything. A gift, if you will, for losing our card.

And voila: removing the backyard deck now sounds dreamsical.

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