Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Farmor Maja

Secret-seasoned ground beef patties with oodles of onions, thin-as-can-be pancakes with lingonberries and sugar, miniature shots of whiskey, home-made rolls with raspberry jam and the inspirational rhyming guest book.

Tulips and roses and lilies galore, old-fashioned table-cloths laden with silver, coffee cups and matching saucers and plain white envelopes with blue ball-point cursive script.

Radio as entertainment, newspapers devoured in their entirety, sunrooms filled with greens and perfectly sized cushions, and photos, photos, always photos.

Nine decades plus two-and-a-half years of infinite wisdom, savvy and grandmotherly brilliance.

Dangling earrings, heart-shaped jewelry and fingernails painted red.

Laughter. Smiles. And always knowing that you're there -- no matter where we are -- only a phone call away.

Nothing's changed, really.

We'll just whisper through the moonlight and dancing blooms instead.


phyllisjanes said...

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