Wednesday, December 07, 2005


  • Airport stores actually process returns. Seriously.
  • Top three in the soup world: roast herb-and-olive-oil seasoned veggies; mash or puree; add 3 cups of water and a bouillon cube. Simply superb.
  • Spanish frittatas taste better generously sprinkled with red pepper flakes.
  • Bath-tub non-slip-mats should be hung up to dry after each use. Trust me.
  • Chocolate labs have bad days, too.
  • There is such a thing as too many Christmas songs.
  • Salvation Army bell-ringers really, really love their instruments.
  • Take the high road.
  • Spa-pedicures are so worth the extra four bucks.
  • Red wine and garlic salami pairs exceptionally with multi-grain bread.
  • Trader Joe's honey mustard beats Gray Poupon.
  • We're not the only species addicted to down comforters.

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