Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sweet Tail Spots

His cat carrier was flawless. As Pippi and I waited our turn, he found three stray Calico hairs and immediately flicked them to the ground.

Samantha, the black lab to my left, had a funky spot on her belly. And an older man in Wranglers and crazy-big buckle cradled a miniature mutt with unusual freckles on her nose.

Two hours and $152 later, Oskar greeted us at the door. "One-hundred-and-twenty-minutes sure seemed like a life-time," he seemed to whisper to his golden-haired beauty, who immediately gave his left front paw a friendly nudge.

For all the whirl-winded-ness of chaotic days, our four-legged buddies always seem to remember the joys of routine. Calm. Predictability. Super-appealing same-ness.

Next time you're tempted to go-go-go, consider the wisdom of those who clearly appreciate the value of Iams-inspired sleep: there's nothing wrong with indulging in that which makes you smile. And if given a chance, pamper your fabulous friends.

They, too, love you unconditionally. You just have to figure out if they prefer tennis balls or the indestructible Kong.

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