Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Good Luck With That

Everyone mis-steps.

But when the California Supreme Court rules in super-broad strokes that can only prompt quizzical interpretations on an already sensitive topic -- well, then not sure that deserves anything more than an immediate 'oops' on the part of those with law-like powers.

And in case you're not up on the latest legislative efforts, then consider this simple analogy.

Next time you're a sip away from the insanely unhealthy Chiantico, or splurging on a carton of Half-Baked, make sure nobody's watching. Before you know it, you might get sued for inadvertently encouraging someone else to follow in your dietary-caution-to-the-wind whim.

Makes sense right? Clearly we can't assume that people should take responsibility for their own predicaments. That would be way too easy.

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