Thursday, July 07, 2005

House on Mango Street

It's suspended quite elaborately just to the right of the kitchen door, a few steps from the unusually green pool. About the size of a hard-cover bestseller, the white-painted shelf is impossible not to miss from the sidewalk.

The first time I spotted the add-on, the honorary plate in the center hosted a brilliantly-hued papaya. A few days later, a grapefruit. And this morning what appeared to be a collection of kumquats. The fruits vary, but the ornamental Shiva is always the same: a glossy enamel red creation covered in gold specks.

The power of projectivity. Hoping. Willing.

Something so centurious-ly old, must work.

Instead of convincing yourself that what you most desire is unusually attainable, try a simple day of believing it will happen. Or just open your eyes. And yes, I'm talking to you.

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