Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Toast with Butter and Jam

Relishing the paper requires certain sensibilities. For example, California comes before Business and the Front Page rules, at least through the first cup of coffee. Poor Sports, it usually lands straight in the recycle bin -- unless Filippa and Matt are playing somewhere near-by.

But everything changes on Wednesdays.

It's Food Day. Capital F, capital D.

While you needn't be a culinary cohort to exude edible passions, it does help to dream in asparagus and olive-oil-kissed farfalle. But before you skip over those delightfully addictive pages, remember that even the kitchen-challenged need sustenance. And in addition to your superb wit and tantalizing charm -- not to mention glorious looks -- consider adding the mastery of at least one "dish" to your personality lexicon.

You'll be that much more appealing. Promise.

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