Friday, June 10, 2005


There's something to be said for plans. Lunches and dinners and evenings of sip-ey drinks and delectable tidbits. Luxurious sprees for the latest green hues and must-have Manolos. Even Saturday forays into the depths of abundant greenery and rebelliously ripe tomatoes at Pico's Farmer's Market.

But, oh my, it's tantalizingly trickster to beat days of defiant freedom.

Entire expanses of time sans telephones and car-treks. Not a being in sight to intrude on what you've so clearly coveted for the past few days:
  • solitude
  • quiet-ness
  • sanctuary

Yum. And as an added bonus: if you're able to prioritize *magical you* for even just a few, your rating on the scale of fabulous jumps at least three points.

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