Friday, June 24, 2005

Home Invasion

Ants and I have an understanding. Roaming free in the backyard is perfectly fine, and on especially warm days, the DMZ extends onto the patio. Confusion abounds, and sometimes I find a straggler or two in the kitchen or behind the couch. But by the time I've gingerly placed the little guys outside in the grass, we're usually on the same page.

Same goes for spiders. Daddy long-legs. Roly-polies. Pretty much anything minus roaches and mosquitoes.

Apparently, word travels fast in Insect Kingdom, because this morning when Oskar and I innocently decided to stroll around the 'hood, we practically bumped into a wasp nest. On my front door.

So I'm thinking I should revisit my policy. I'm all for sharing my miniature house. But not so sure about welcoming things that sting.

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