Friday, November 04, 2005

Thanks, I'll Wait

If everything has an opposite, then does that mean that somewhere in the universe exists a happy-go-lucky mini-world that embraces long lines? Where queues of all sorts are hailed as pure sunlight. And grocery stores and banks and post offices translate to whimsically happy crowds, patiently whiling the afternoon away?

Not sure.

But pretty confident that security lines at airports are potentially on many least-exciting-past-times lists.

So at first glance, Big Brother's latest missive -- the "registered traveler" concept -- seems close to brilliant. Zipping through LAX, sprinting by those not in the know, or not deemed trustworthy enough.

At first glance, yes.

But come on. If Osama can ellude the sharpest minds and most genius intelligence groups for this long, chances are he and his cohorts can manipulate the TSA.

So I'm going on record. Bring on the crowds. I don't mind adding 2 hours of wait-time to my travels. Peace of mind is worth it.

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