Monday, November 07, 2005

A for Effort

We had high hopes.

Moments after diced carrots, celery, red-and-blue-potatoes and organic beef finished simmering in a hearty Cabernet -- we reclined, eyes peeled, ready to be impressed. Shocked. Awed. Surprised.

Alas, what could have been an intriguingly inspirational moment in TV history -- the West Wing's "live" debate -- turned into an almost disastrous debacle.

They had 60 minutes to cast their spell. To forever change -- or at least slightly alter -- how the little boxy tube impacts our lives. In a world where everyone breathes for the iPod and entertainment-on-the-go is the next big thing, Sunday nights could have been NBC's moment to take back their audience.

Oh well.

At least they stayed close to party cliches. Republicans advocating tax cuts and the Dems lobbying for reform. Maybe that will compel at least one person to vote on Tuesday.

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