Thursday, April 18, 2013


Perspective hits you at 10:30pm when your 3-year-old is rambling about which cars are his favorite and how he can't wait to get on that airplane and could he please have some cereal in a bowl in his bed with a cheese stick. It sneaks back sometime around 2am when you're debating if it's worthwhile to attempt crawling into your own bed, and his little tiny hand grabs onto your cheek -- checking to make sure you're still there.

The news, quite frankly, should sometimes be banned.

Burning buildings, injured children and lives forever changed. Certainly a world-wide-event, but also so not possible to comprehend, distill or compartmentalize when you're refilling chocolate milk sippy cups and rationalizing why eating gummies for breakfast is not the healthiest kick-start to the day.

It's funny how in these weird moments everything is juxtaposed: our little ones end up showing us the way. And we follow, knowing that their tiny world is still intact and perfect, decisions as simple as which rock will skip best on the lake or whether it's too windy for a favorite hat.

So today, I will follow their lead. Take the path they choose. And just revel in that.

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