Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dear Boys

You both absolutely love watching "Elf" with Will Farrell. At 4 and almost 2, you know exactly what parts are funny and which moments to mimic. Your favorite popsicles are branded by Dora and aside from the ever-popular Skittles, the miniature chocolates from the somehow-still-full Advent calendars are your preferred sugar treats.

Axel: Elmo and Barney viewed on the TV in Curtis's room is part of your morning routine. That, paired with a sippy cup filled with Vitamin C and a bowl of yogurt-covered raisins, and you're perfectly content.

Curtis: Our own little super-hero, you've recently discovered the magic of a treasure box with a lock that your little brother has yet figured out how to pry open. It's contents? Darth Vader and Storm trooper figurines, a container of Lego guys, your fake mustache stash, a Lego headlamp, and a pirate gold coin purse.

Every day you delight, amaze, and refresh our lives. You're both blessed with a luxurious love of life and -- thanks to Spiderman, Batman and Superman -- speed. And though you're obviously brothers and share many of the same passions: rolling down the driveway on a plastic Zebra, jumping off the coffee table and dancing with music turned to the max -- you're also developing individual tastes and preferences.

It's almost a new year.

And I can't wait to see what you've both got planned.


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