Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hot Off The Press(es)

People are amazingly fascinating.

Additionally, everyone -- no matter how foreign or funky -- appears to have quirky je-ne-sais-quois that are especially elevated at garage sales.

Recent learnings:
  1. Irons are in hot demand. So much so, that you might consider a black market resale business.
  2. Pink-seam Seven jeans are worth about a buck.
  3. Cedar-lined dog houses are lucrative for ChiHuaHuas.
  4. Spoons are more popular than knives or forks.
  5. Not everyone has read "The DaVinci Code."
  6. "Seabiscuit" is too advanced for Elementary School book enthusiasts.
  7. Garlic presses deserve intense scrutiny -- even when priced at 50 cents.
  8. Marketing. It's all about marketing.
  9. Candle holders aren't all they're stacked up to be.
  10. When in doubt throw in a freebie or two.

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