Monday, March 06, 2006

Board Education

Recently garnered from a snow-inspired Trivial Pursuit session:
  • Evidently, there is an FDA-acceptable threshold for rodent hair within packages of boxed pasta.
  • Southerners like to call their greasy biscuit-lathering concoction redeye-gravy.
  • "The Mezzanine" is a popular work of non-fiction focusing on ... shoelaces.
  • The Seychelles might one day be engulfed by water.
  • Sixty-eight percent of purchased novels reside in the Romance category.
  • Manicurists sometimes have amychophobia.
  • The Pathfinder was sent to Mars for a probe.

Soon there-after, gleaned from a bout with Scattergories:

  • "Ambling" is deliciously under-used.
  • Beer and butts are both cold.
  • Fish that begin with the letter "i": ink-squid?
  • Ligers are official animals.
  • D-inspired terms of endearment are clearly not limited to "dear" and "darling."

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